Hridaya Yoga Peru

Hridaya Yoga Peru intends to provide a space for everyone who wishes to explore the heart and the reality of life through the practice of meditation and yoga.


We see the value in all spiritual traditions and religions and believe that all share the same essence that  is translated into differents customs, teachings and approaches. Instead of focussing on the differences, we focus on the sacred essence they all share which we believe can be found within our own heart.


We apply techniques of meditation and yoga to explore our heart and own inner universe as well as different healing modalities to gain a deeper understanding of our mental and emotioal conditioning.


We are related to the international school of Hridaya Yoga but are also open for other approaches if they are in alignment with our general vision.

Ramana Maharshi's teachings are the main inspiration. He attained Self realization by enquiring about the nature of our inner most being and realizing that all beings share the same essence of infinite consciousness and love.

Hridaya Yoga is an international school of yoga and meditation which focusses on the revelation of the spiritual heart, our innermost essence through self enquiry, yoga and meditation. It has its headquarters in Mexico and France.

Sahajananda is the founder of the international Hridaya Yoga school. For many years he dived deep into the practice of Self enquiry, Yoga and Meditation and had dedicated his life to share those teachings .

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Our TeAm in Peru

Stephan was born in Germany and studied meditation and Yoga intensively for years in asia before he fell in love with the andes of Peru.


Giancarlo is part of the teaching team and besides being a Yoga teacher also has extensive knowledge about nutrition.


Rana Prana is a gifted Yoga and Meditation teacher as well as talented musician, sharing her light with mantras, magic and love.


Ron is our peruvian jewel. He combines the wisdom of the andes wih ancient practices like meditation and yoga. His friendly, open hearted nature makes you feel at home right away.

Javier is our local guide. He shows you the most magical and hidden places of the sacred valley and shares the ancient wisdom of his ancestors.

Hridaya Yoga Peru's mission

This place is dedicated to the awakening of our hearts.
May the radiant light of our true being shine through our actions, words and thoughts and illuminate all shadows.

May old pain transform through the love we share and may the unfolding of our highest potential be witnessed by the inspired community we co-create.

May we rest in the presence of the sacred.
May the Grace of God bless this place.

Through our presence, practice, love and service.
May we be contributing to an inspired and loving world.