What is happening at Hridaya Yoga Peru?
We are a yoga and meditation center and we welcome every person that is either
curious, passionate or already deep in their practice. Our center is located in the sacred
valley. We offer yoga classes in Pisac as well as meditation classes, self-love
workshops and silent meditation retreats at Lake Titicaca.
If you are looking for spiritual healing, our meditation is focused on the Spiritual Heart
(Hridaya), which is the essence of our being. This allows to connect with our source and
find inner guidance and clarity in our lives. Whether you are on your post-dieta or simply
wish to learn how to meditate, if you are looking for a place to practice meditation or
yoga in the sacred valley then this is the place for you. What better way to start your day
then with practice ? Our classes start at 7 am with meditation, 8 am yoga, followed by a
delicious breakfast. Our teachers and guests are friendly, the houses are in a perfect
location and the view is incredible.
Besides the morning practice, we offer affordable accommodations at our Pisac yoga
centre and we give a one day Self-Love Retreat every new moon. This event came to
life after wondering “how to love myself?” And so we decided on a full day dedicated to
just that : self-love.
We have been blessed to meet such amazing people coming at our centre, either for
the self-love retreat, the transformational tours or the silent meditation retreats at the
lake Titicaca. The sacred valley and the lake Titicaca are such powerful places for
spiritual healing, thus the location of our centre and retreat. So If you are wondering
where to practice yoga in Peru, yoga in the sacred valley or simply how to meditate, we
are located here in Pisac, sacred valley.
Here is a poem inspired by the beautiful people that come and go from our centre :
“Friends become like family
Growing and healing together
It is always a pleasure
To see you transform…
There are people from everywhere that come to stay
To feel at home
To practice
Some are coming and going
Some are here to stay,
Some are leaving and wanting to come back
Either way,
They are welcome,
Hoping to welcome you at our healing centre and practicing together.