Silent Meditation Retreats on the island Amantani at lake titicaca

Every month around full moon we are traveling together from Cuzco to the magical island Amantani to spend days of silence, meditation and Yoga.


It is a 5 day event with 3 days of silence, meditation and yoga.

During the retreat we visit the sacred sites on the the isladn which are dedicated to "Pachamama" the feminine principle and "Pachatata", the divine masculine principle. We meditate in those ancient sites and use their energy for own inner transformation.


Because of the high energy of the place, the retreat is suitable both for beginners and experienced practitioners.


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Full moon silent meditation retreat

  • Silent Meditation Retreat
  • Transportation from Cusco or Juliaca                                                   to the island Amantani and back
  • Accommodation
  • all vegetarian meals


Upcoming retreats

June 26 - 30

July 26 - 30

August 24 - 28

September 22 - 26

October 22 - 26

November 21 - 25



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