Want to be a part of the Hridaya Yoga Peru Family?

If you would like to serve a beautiful cause and co-create a heart centered healing environment, you are welcome to apply for our 3 months Karma Yoga program.


Most of the daily activities at the center are taken care of by Karma Yogis, who are volunteering at the center to serve the cause of creating a place to heal and awaken. Although Karma Yogis receive free accommodation and classes, this is not an exchange but a gift to each other.

What does a Karma Yogi do?

Karma Yogis help with all the daily activities of the center, like

  • Gardening
  • Housekeeping
  • Cooking
  • Welcoming guests
  • Postering


What are the requirements?

  • The aspiration to serve a meaningful cause
  • Commitment for 3 months
  • Commitment to abstain from alcohol, drugs and plant medicines during your Karma Yoga period

What do Karma Yogis receive at the center?

  • daily yoga and meditation classes
  • additional workshops for free or a reduced price
  • accommodation in a beautiful environment
  • being part of a heart centered community
  • the fulfillment of contributing to a meaningful cause
  • delicious vegan breakfasts
  • additional meals for only 1 Euro per meal
  • an opportunity to grow and learn

How much time does a Karma Yogi serve at the center?

Karma Yogis work around 29 hours per week and have 1-2 free days per week.


There is a minimum commitment of 3 months.


What is Karma Yoga?

Yoga means Union. The revelation of oneness of all there is and a recognition of the sacredness of life within our own heart.
Karma means Action.

Therefore, KARMA YOGA is the aspiring towards spiritual realization through action or selfless service. When you practice Karma Yoga with a loving intention for the benefit of all, and with awareness of the present moment, we grow spiritually.

When you perform your tasks we invite you to apply those principles of Karma Yoga:

  • Set the intention to perform all your work with an intention to do it for the benefit for all beings.
  • Be present and perform the tasks with awareness.
  • While always doing your best, be detached of the out come. We are performing the tasks for the love of service, not to fulfill any personal desires. (while getting stuff done :) )

Remembering and applying these principles will help you to enter a state of flow where all work becomes joyful because it is filled with a deeper meaning and a way to remember the sacredness of life even in the most profane tasks.

Apply for your 3 month Karma Yoga program at Hridaya Yoga Peru

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Hridaya Yoga Peru mission statement

This place is dedicated to the awakening of our hearts.
May the radiant light of our true being shine through our actions, words and thoughts and illuminate all shadows.
May old pain transform through the love we share and may the unfolding of our highest potential be witnessed by the inspired community we co-create.
May we rest in the presence of the sacred.
May the Grace of God bless this place.

Through our presence, practice, love and service.
May we be contributing to an inspired and loving world.